ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha (Redux)

segunda-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2009

s.l., s.d., parte do lanche quando já todos se levantaram da mesa.

(unnamed coordinates in a land far, far away)

Chance is what chance does

It has been said that chance is the insurmountable odds of something rather improbable happening to a rambling animal on a saturday afternoon while drinking Earl Grey tea.

Humanity thrives on the notion of "chance" and has tried to accommodate it by eliminating its significance allthewhile recognizing its fundamental place in the rituals of existence.

Human normality is the sum of all individual insanities to a power only known to an octopus which went on strike because of discrimination against seven-tentacled octopii. Chance being one of the elements both fundamental and contrarian to normality, it seems almost inadequate to state its importance without overshadowing its dangerous possibilities.

It is also commonly known, as per former entries, that humanity still believes wrist watches to be an utmost brilliant invention.

Its relationship with normality remains an unknown unknown.

zzzzzzzppppzzzz (interferência)

-- fim de entrada

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