Why people like me are slightly fucked

quarta-feira, 21 de abril de 2010


We obey rules but know their limits.
We believe in experience but perceive its illusory sustenance.
We laugh in the face of rule-aholics and experience freaks.


We become obsessed by narratives of success which stink of malfeisance.
We become entangled in a web of negative feedback which makes stupid people, well-adjusted people and brown nosers ALWAYS more apt for post-modern society than us.
We become rule-aholics and experience freaks.


Because we forgot to tell idiots that they could go fuck themselves instead of being idiots within our confort zone.
Because we let stupid people make us miserable.
Because we forget alternatives.
Because we unconsciously go into misery autopilot.
Because we believe success to be a one-way road to either power, status, money, sex or aesthetic pleasure.


Idiots: fuck off.
Stupid people: beware of my foot on your ass next time you bother me, my family or my friends.
Alternatives are welcome.
Autopilot and cruise control are hereby turned off.
Power is like oysters: tastes good for a while, then makes you sick and quickly rottens; Status is just a control technology put in place to make you dormant and inattentive to injustice; Money is nothing more than a proxy; Sex... as long as it means something for both of us beyond hedonistic impulse; Aesthetic pleasure... well, Heidi Klum is a bitch.

My way of trying to achieve Samadhi?


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:) honestamente este deixa-me bem-disposta.